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CIVID 19 First Aid Infornation

Adult CPR guidance

Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines 2015 state “If you are untrained or unable to do rescue breaths, give chest compression-only CPR (i.e. continuous compressions at a rate of at least 100–120 min)”.

Because of the heightened awareness of the possibility that the victim may have COVID-19, Resuscitation Council UK offers this advice:

Recognise cardiac arrest by looking for the absence of signs of life and the absence of normal breathing. Do not listen or feel for breathing by placing your ear and cheek close to the patient’s mouth. If you are in any doubt about confirming cardiac arrest, the default position is to start chest compressions until help arrives.

Make sure an ambulance is on its way. If COVID 19 is suspected, tell them when you call 999. If there is a perceived risk of infection, rescuers should place a cloth/towel over the victim’s mouth and nose and attempt compression-only CPR and early defibrillation until the ambulance (or advanced care team) arrives. Put hands together in the middle of the chest and push hard and fast.

Early use of a Defibrillator significantly increases the person’s chances of survival and does not increase the risk of infection.

If the rescuer has access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), e.g. FFP3 Face Mask, Disposable Gloves, Eye protection - these should be worn.

After performing compression-only CPR, all rescuers should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water; alcohol-based hand gel is a convenient alternative. They should also seek advice from the NHS 111 coronavirus advice service or medical adviser.

Paediatric guidance

We are aware that paediatric cardiac arrest is unlikely to be caused by a cardiac problem and is more likely to be a respiratory one, making ventilations crucial to the child’s chances of survival. However, for those not trained in paediatric resuscitation, the most important thing is to act quickly to ensure the child gets the treatment they need in the critical situation.

For out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, the importance of calling an ambulance and taking immediate action cannot be stressed highly enough. If a child is not breathing normally and no actions are taken, their heart will stop and full cardiac arrest will occur. Therefore, if there is any doubt about what to do, this statement should be used.

It is likely that the child/infant having an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest will be known to you. We accept that doing rescue breaths will increase the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus, either to the rescuer or the child/infant. However, this risk is small compared to the risk of taking no action as this will result in certain cardiac arrest and the death of the child.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

IOSH Managing Safely Boringdon Park Golf Club Book Here

The IOSH Managing Safely course Price £400 per person  The course is delivered at Boringdon park golf club. Lunch will be provided during this course and this is included in the course price if you have any dietary requirements please email  There is also free parking available at Boringdon park golf club with plenty of spaces. More course information can be viewed on the on the website.

IOSH Managing   Safely Page on the website.

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work RQF Plymouth Science Park Book here

The Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Course Price £60 is held at Plymouth Science Park 1 Davy Road Derriford Plymouth PL6 8BX. Report to reception on the day of your course and you will sign in and enter your car details for free parking all day, the receptionist will direct you to the Bircham training room

The course will start at 9 am and is due to finish at 4 pm. course materials will be provided on the day.

Lunch is also included in the course price so if you have any dietary requirements please email me at More course information can be found on the website

Level 3 First Aid at Work RQF Boringdon Park Golf Club Book Here

 The Level 3 First Aid Course RQF £180.00  is delivered at Boringdon park golf club PL7 4QG. There is also free parking available at Boringdon park golf club with plenty of spaces. The course will start at 0900 each day and finish at 1600. There is no pre-course preparation. Lunch is included in the course price if you have any dietary requirement please email  More course information can befound on the website 

No Accident Operational News





During the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Consultancy aspect of No Accident for advice and guidance is operational, and we are working from home until the government guidelines allow us to trade again in full. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advise or risk assessments in preparation for re-opening your businesses.

Our online training which is all regulated by an awarding body is still available please contact us for deals and discounts, follow the Tab above to see which course are available.

Once the government guidelines advise that it is safe to operate, we will resume all aspects of our business.

I would like to thank all of my clients for all of their support in these difficult times, please be reassured that No Accident will continue as always to provide a service which is tailored to all clients needs.

Please note at the recommencement of the face to face courses, students will be issued with there own PPE, face masks and gloves etc so we can conduct training safely.